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Quotes From Xrd Designer Pachi About Making Characters More Rushdown-Based

In an article about Guilty Gear Xrd's character fan vote in 2015, lead designer Pachi talked about how the potential returning Guilty Gear characters would play in Xrd. There was a heavy trend of zoning-based characters becoming more rushdown-based in Xrd, so I thought I'd save the relevant quotes in one place to make them easier for me to find.


(Note: Guilty Gear Overture is an Action RTS in the style of Herzog Zwei, so characters from that game are bound to play differently when ported to a 2D fighter. That said, I'm still sad that they didn't take advantage of this opportunity to add some zoners.)

Dizzy (Guilty Gear Accent Core +R)
"With her usual style I think her set-play and [Xrd's Yellow] Roman Cancels would synergize well, but I’d like to give her a style where she appears in your face rather than retreats away."
(Note: Dizzy is now in Xrd and is more rushdown-based than before.)

Raven (Guilty Gear Overture)
"In Guilty Gear 2 Raven had a style to fluster the opponent by attacking the opponent from long range with projectiles, slowing them, and attacking them from behind. I think in GGXrd with the addition of some updates he would be able to do so at mid range."
(Note: Raven is now in Xrd as a straightforward mid- to close-range rushdown character with projectile oki.)

Valentine (Guilty Gear Overture)
"Valentine was originally a projectile-based, long-range character, but since some of her moves like Zest and Calvados have been taken by other Valentines (laughs), if she appears we might want to give her a different fighting style."

Justice (Guilty Gear Accent Core +R)
"In Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R, she seemed like a fortress with her usage of projectiles, but if we add her to GGXrd I’ll like to give her a fighting style with a bit more mobility. That said, she wouldn’t have free mobility, but I’d to make her capable of creating mix-ups using [her fireballs] and herself."

Dr. Paradigm (Guilty Gear Overture)
"In Guilty Gear 2, Dr. Paradigm was a character that used his minions to allow him to run about, but I think it would be interesting if he could keep the minions but fight in a more conventional style. I think it would be neat if Roller was a rush move, Bower was an anti-air move and Bone Biter was a move that allowed him to do decoy attacks."

Anji (Guilty Gear Accent Core +R, not exactly a zoner but had long reach and used his projectile in neutral)
"I want to change his style while keeping the interesting parts of his guard point moves like Kou. It seems like he would be good with a style centering around close-quarters fighting using his guard points to approach."

As for the other characters, Testament would be made "a little easier to understand" and Bridget would only keep his mobility "to a certain degree" but nothing was explicitly said about them losing their respective zoning and runaway playstyles. Zappa's three summons might be redesigned/updated, but nothing was mentioned about how they would play either.

Izuna, who was an all-round character in Guilty Gear Overture, "would be a character with short range but able to fight with a hit-and-run style with his dashes. He would want to place a Daruma doll on the opponent’s wake-up to apply pressure."

With the possible exception of Fanny from Guilty Gear Petit who would "undergo a full model change and become a different character practically" and could therefore theoretically have any playstyle, all six of the characters in the article who had a rushdown playstyle in previous games would explicitly stay rushdown-based in Xrd.